Each member of our dental staff is highly trained and committed to providing the best dental health care possible.


Dental Office Manager

My name is Shanna I am a Dental Office Manager. I was born in Mesa and raised in Show Low AZ, where I attended Show Low High School. Shortly after high school I got into Escrow where I worked for many years until the economy took its downfall. In 2006 I took my first job in the dental field working in the front office.  I took the opportunity to self-train to make a career in the dental field, As I knew from day one helping patients achieve their dental needs was my purpose. I have been office manager for the past 9 years where I have had the opportunity to meet many talented Dentists and staff to help in my growth as a manager. I plan to stay in the dental field the remainder of my career.

I am a single mom with two children. My daughter is 17 and my son is 12. Both attend school in San Tan Valley.  Our family loves the outdoors. We enjoy 4 wheeling in our jeep, camping and spending time at the lake all year long. As for me personally, I enjoy reorganizing my already organized home, cooking and baking creative and fun treats. I am known at our family gatherings to always bring something cute as a side.




Hello! I’m Selena Edwards, and I’m the receptionist you will meet at our dental office. My job is making patients happy and making sure they’re satisfied from the moment they walk in. My goal is always to make sure they leave happy.

I’ve always had a passion about dentistry from an early age. I’d go to my parents’ dentist appointments and help the hygienist with perio charting. At my cousins’ dental appointments, I would always ask about the terminology and what everything meant.

I graduated from Arcadia High School in 2012. Next was Phoenix College for hygiene but I realized the direction wasn’t right for me though staying in the dental field was. Then I attended Arizona School of Dental Assisting, finishing in 2015.

I was born in San Diego where my dad was stationed in the navy at the time. Mom decided to move to Arizona when I was about 5 years old and I was raised by my parents and Grandma. I grew up playing all sports with my cousins and having a great time doing it.

My mom’s family is here in Arizona and they’re pretty family oriented. My cousins and I are all around the same age so our bond is like brothers and sisters. My dad’s side of the family is in California, southern Texas and Louisiana.

I love taking continuing education courses to keep up on the latest in dentistry and find that social media about dentistry is another good way to stay updated. I love to cook, always wanting to try something new (I find ideas on pinterest, hike, work out, read or write poetry.



Dental Assistant

Hi! I’m Lexie Edmiston. I’m a dental assistant and have always loved to make people smile. A smile is the first thing I notice about people – and at the dental office, what I want to see most is the patients who are scared turn into ones who feel comfortable and safe. I also want to see them smile as they leave the office.

I know that to get patients to go from one extreme emotion to another it’s going to take me listening carefully to the patients and then instructing them on what they need. Part of this I learned in dental assistant school at Pima Medical in Mesa in 2006 but the majority of it I learned from my 14 years of experience on the job.

Here’s a little bit about me – For most of my life I lived with my dad and brother and then at 14, moved in with my mom. My dad had cancer of the mouth and jaw, diagnosed in 2014 and I’m so glad I can say he’s a survivor. I moved back in with him during these critical times.

I love all living things. My pets include:
• a 13-year-old Chihuahua named Cooper. He has my heart.
• a 2-1/2-year-old female monster German Shepherd named Daisy who has been with me since the day she was born. She is my sidekick.
• a 3-year-old albino Burmese Python named Stan. Until a year ago, I was terrified of snakes but now we have a bond that not even I understand but I would never change.
• a black betta fish named Prince. He stays in the dental office to greet patients. He gets excited and does his crazy man swim to the edge of the tank at feeding time.

I enjoy sewing baby blankets. I am an outdoors off road person. A great weekend is coming home from a good camping trip. I enjoy looking at and getting tattoos.



Dental Assistant

Hi! I’m Amy Mendivil, a dental assistant. I’m originally from Mesa and grew up in Queen Creek. I come from a large extended family and lived with my mother as a child and spent countless weekends with my father and grandparents. I am now engaged and happily getting married in December. Teo is my fiancé and we share a son together, Maceo. I have another son, Jacen, who is 18.

I started Dental assisting almost 20 yrs ago when I was a senior in high school. I decided to go to a trade school to hopefully transition to become a dental hygienist but life happened. In my career, I’ve worked with other dentist offices where there was no compassion for patients and I had to move on. Compassion and helping patients face their fears is so important; otherwise, we can’t accomplish their goals together.

In my spare time, I go hiking, love spending time with family and am a Netflix-er. I keep up on the latest info via social media.



Dental Hygienist

Hi! I’m Katie, a dental hygienist. I came into the field by accident, starting out with a business degree from Eastern Kentucky University in 2005. Luckily, one of my friends started a hygiene school, I applied and the rest of it is history. I started as a dental assistant and after finishing my degree in dental hygiene at the University of Cincinnati in 2013, I have been a hygienist ever since. Giving patients a smooth healthy smile is so rewarding for me!

I spend a lot of my spare time reading hygiene reports and taking continuing education classes, but spending time outdoors boating and other outdoor sports are my favorites too.

Being a mom myself with a 9-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter and a great husband, I would have to say that watching my son play baseball and taking my daughter to dance class are counted in my favorite hobbies as well.

What prides me the most about my job is that I really care for my patients. I will do whatever I can to help them realize their brushing can be tweaked just a bit to make a huge difference. I never want to see them sit in the dentist’s patient chair. Every day I hone my listening skills more and more to hear my patients tell me in between their words how exactly I can help them.



Dental Hygienist

Hello. I’m Rachel Yacoub. I’ve been a dental hygienist for 3 years and am finishing my bachelor’s degree to then study to become a dentist. Soon my childhood dream of becoming a dentist will come true.

In childhood, I needed a lot of dental work done. My curiosity about how everything worked and what they were going to do next turned into a love for the dental field. My goal was and still is to assist people that aren’t happy about dental visits to still go and be comfortable about it.

Periodontal disease is correlated to other health issues in the body. This is why I can’t stress enough how extremely important preventive dental health is. I educate patients on proper oral hygiene habits by demonstrating how to brush and floss. It doesn’t stop there! I talk about the importance of healthy gums in the mouth and the effects periodontal disease can have. I go through every step in their dental hygiene appointment in great detail. My patients are like a second family to me.

I grew up in a very traditional, Middle Eastern home in Michigan and speak Arabic fluently. When I’m not working or going to classes at Arizona State University, I’m
watching movies, playing with my 3-year-old Yorkie named Ace, hanging out with my family, or traveling.

I am a member of the American Dental Hygienist’s Association, and take continuing education courses as often as possible to keep up-to-date on all the latest changes in the dental field.



Dental Hygienist

Kitoko is a registered dental hygienist at Novelly Dentistry and Orthodontics. After an unfulfilling career in accounting, she discovered dental hygiene and never looked back.

Kitoko grew up in the Congo but wanted to rebuild her entire life here in the United States. She knew that learning a new language and new skill wound not be easy but she was up to the challenge. She was 24 at the time and would have to leave her family of nine. Her sister accompanied her on the move to Arizona.

Kitoko graduated from Rio Salado College in December 2016 with an Associate degree in Dental Hygiene. She’s been practicing dental hygiene for 2-1/2 years.
What she likes best about the practice is seeing them satisfied with their new smile after their visit to the office but there’s also a deep satisfaction she feels knowing she is saving patients a lifetime of pain and other expensive procedures.

This is why she instructs her patients on proper brushing and flossing and even asks them to demonstrate the techniques to her to insure that they are doing them correctly.

Kitoko spends her spare time reading, taking continuing education classes on dental hygiene, watching the latest movies and playing with her cat named Cotton.



Dental Hygienist

Hi! I’m Casey Flores, your dental hygienist at Novelly Family Dentistry. I grew up in New York and Arizona and was born in Long Island. That’s where I spent most of my childhood. We later moved to Arizona and I’ve been here ever since but I do try to visit New York a few times a year.

I come from a really happy family. My parents have been married for over 30 years and I have 2 older brothers. My family includes my husband (he’s also a dental hygienist and we met in school!), a healthy son named Avi born in April 2019, and a  Goldendoodle named Shamus.

Being a new mom, my joy comes from quality time with my son. I also love cooking, sewing, and home improvement projects. I speak Spanish and Sign language and enjoy learning about other cultures and customs.

I graduated from Chandler High School and went to Northern Arizona University for my Dental Hygiene degree. I have volunteered in dental clinics in Africa and had the time of my life there! I can hardly wait until I go back.

My belief is that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. What I care most about is that patients value the health of their mouth, that we get their oral habits down so solid that they don’t need extensive restorative dental treatments. I feel that I have an obligation to treat each patient as if they were our own family.

Trusting the team here at Novelly is what I want each patient to do so I have to live up to that honor. I am happy to be your hygienist!