Oral Cancer Screening

Chandler Oral Cancer Screening

Unfortunately, we all know someone who has been affected by Cancer. Doctor Novelly and his dental hygienists in Chandler are highly trained to recognize the signs of Oral Cancer. Identifying the early tissue changes are essential to effective treatments. We consistently screen new and recall Patients for signs of Oral Cancer. We also discuss diet and lifestyle as preventative measures.

Oral cancer is on the rise

This disease is more common than you realize. It is predicted this year that over 34,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with oral cancer. One American dies every hour from oral cancer from late detection. These statistics are staggering. At Novelly Dentistry we care about your health. Early detection is the best way to fight this ugly disease. Don’t let this happen to you our your loved ones.

Although we provide oral cancer screening as part of your comprehensive dental exam this is not always enough. For this reason, we have chosen a more advanced method of prevention. OralID Fluorescence Technology, an award-winning oral cancer screening device emits blue light to identify abnormal lesions, including cancer and pre-cancer in your mouth that could be missed by the naked eye under a traditional white light. When the blue light shines on normal tissue, it appears green.However, malignant lesions show up as dark, which makes it much easier to detect unhealthy tissue.

woman getting oral cancer examHow safe is it?

We use a small hand-held, battery-operated examination device used by our hygienists. The device emits a visible blue light into your mouth. The entire examination is safe and simple and it takes only two minutes.

Some of the risk factors for oral cancer

Gender: Oral cancer and oropharyngeal (middle part of the throat that includes the base of the tongue, the tonsils, the soft palate, and the walls of the pharynx) cancer are twice as common in men than in women.

Age: The average age for individuals diagnosed with oral cancer is 62. Two-thirds with this disease ore over 55 years old.

Ultraviolet light: People who work outdoors or are highly exposed to sunlight are more prone to lip cancers. Also, poor nutrition plays a contributing factor. Diets low in vegetables and fruits can increase the risk of oral and oropharynx cancers.

Tobacco use: Roughly 80% of people with oropharyngeal or oral cancers smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco or use snuff.

Alcohol: Nearly 70% of people diagnosed with oral cancer are heavy drinkers. The risk increases among those who use both alcohol and tobacco.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection: Human papilloma viruses, or HPV are also causes of oral and oropharyngeal cancers. About 25% of patients with these cancers are infected with the same HPV as are seen in with cervical cancer.

Immune system suppression: Immune system suppression drugs used to prevent organ transplant rejection or drugs to treat some immune diseases, could also increase the risk of oral cancer.

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